Feeder Instructions PDF

Timer Instructions

1.  Press the SET button to turn on the unit.  Once the unit turns on, "time" will appear on the screen.  Use the HR and MIN buttons to set the current time.  Then press SET to confirm.


2. After confirming, "spin 1-6" will appear on the screen. Use the HR and MIN buttons to set 6 different motor starting times, then press "SET" to confirm.  If you want to set less than 6 different starting times, use the HR button to toggle until it says "off." If you set a spin start time and want to remove it, hold down SET until it says “OFF.”


3. After confirming motor start times, "spin time" will appear on screen.  Use the HR or MIN button to set the duration of a spin from 1-60 seconds, then press SET to confirm.


4. You will then see "motor speed" on screen.  Use the HR or MIN buttons to set the speed of the motor.  Choose from 50%, 75%, and 100% (100% is recommended for optimal performance).  Then press "SET" to confirm.  You are finished setting the timer.

Feeding Chart Guide

OAD Feeder timer settings per second and corn last for days

Useful Tips

In areas with bears, we always recommend strapping the feeder to a tree or secured post.  Though the feeder won't be damaged by the bears, they are able to knock it on its side.  The size and amount of straps would depend on the size of the bears.  Please use your best judgment, but we do provide some recommendations below. 


1.  Secure the compartment door with a lock!  (Raccoons and bears will claw for hours at a latch to get it open) 

2.  After latching the top lid, use a pin or small lock to secure the lever lock. 

3.  After strapping the feeder to the tree,  place pin in tree bracket to lock it in. We recommend using a 2 inch  (minimum 1,000 lb) strap on the top of the feeder as a primary secure.  This will be more than enough for any hogs, coons or small bears. For larger bears that are 200 lbs and up, we recommend using 2 or 3 straps.  The extra straps prevent larger bears from knocking it off the tree or post. 

4.  AT ALL TIMES:  Please remember to place a lock or locking bolt in the door latch and place a small lock or pin in the lid. 

*Note: Our feeder is built to withstand a lot of punishment unlike most other feeders, but it is only as good as you secure it.  If a bear is able to knock it down from the tree or post and you have properly secured the door, the bear can only roll it around until he gets tired and leaves.  Once you retrieve it, simply strap it back on the tree or post with extra straps, check the battery, reset the timer and you're good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My feeder starts to sweat on the inside.  What do I do?

A: This is due to temperature fluctuations or natural moisture from feeds such as fresh cut corn. Simply take the gasket from the lid and allow the feeder to breathe.  This will still keep the rain and snow out.

Q: What can my feeder throw?

A: Corn, Dirty Corn, Soybeans, Dirty Soybeans, Peas, Protein, and Fishfood.

Q: Where can my Feeder be placed?

A: With the complimentary tree bracket, it can be hung on a tree or a fence post.  It can be placed on the ground, screwed to a stump, bolted to a piece of plywood (use large washers) and can also be placed on short poles for a tripod.

Q: Water will accumulate on the lid, what do I do?

A: Our deep lid allows the feeder to be just as strong on the top as it is on the bottom. Water accumulation on the lid will not cause any weather damage to your feeder.  The feeder is made of 18 gauge metal and built to withstand years of abuse from the weather conditions and more.

Q: What can I do to help with a bear problem?

A: Strap the feeder to a tree.  Use a minimum of 2 straps, one on the top bracket and the second around the tree and bottom leg. A third can be placed in the middle.

Q: What can I do to help with a hog problem?

A: Strap the feeder to a tree or post, bolt it to a piece of plywood, or use large screws to secure it to a stump.

Q: What can I do to help with a raccoon problem?

A: Place the feeder a minimum of 2 feet off the ground on a tree or post.

For additional inquiry or assistance, please e-mail us at OneAndDonePro@gmail.com