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·   Patented polymeric occluded liquid yielding P.O.L.Y.™ bonding process brings you the toughest ratchet strap ever made 

·   Stainless steel braid that will not kink and has a nearly 0% stretch. No need to retighten  throughout the trip 

·   200 times more abrasion resistant than any fabric strap

·   1.25” x 10’ (adjustable length 1’-10’) Stainless steel braid ratchet strap, steel double J hook, two protective sleeve against surface, and ergonomic tightening handle with lock set in a carrying bag


The future in binding is here. GOL-Strap combines the strength of metal chains with the convenience of a fabric ratchet strap. Our patented Polymeric Occluded Liquid Yielding (POLY) bond process provides long lasting protection against abrasion, corrosion, UV damage, humidity, vermin, and all weather conditions.  


The GOL-Strap is capable of a 2,800 lb working load with a stainless steel braid that will not kink and has a nearly 0% stretch.  It binds at a weight and stays at that weight without needing to be tightened again.  



Practical applications include:


Trailering 4-wheelers, motorcycles, tractors and other vehicles

Binding lumber, pipes, beams, metal sheets and everything you can haul


Handling a wide variety of cargo such as moving boxes, furniture, and hardware materials.


Lock-on tree stands

Tree ladders

One And Done Pro Feeder


And many more!


Get GOL-Strapped!

GOLstrap 1 inch x 10 feet metal ratchet strap single pack (For Vehicles)

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