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Our latest arrival to help make life easier for you!  Our Remote Controller can easily pair to multiple OAD feeders! Now you can activate your One And Done Pro feeder(s) from a distance of 550 plus feet away.  Leave no scent and no chance to spook deer or other game you have in your sights. Compatible with our One And Done Pro 2nd generation timer. OAD remote control will not affect any programmed feed times. 


Feed wildlife or fish with one click!


·       Activates OAD wildlife and fish feeders remotely, from up to 550 feet away

·       5 second spurt feeding uses 1 cup of corn which will cover 2,618 square feet of area

·       Spurt feed in 2, 5, 10, or 20 second pre-settings

·       Perfect to activate feeder from your tree stand, truck, or pier

·       Easy to pair with a push of a button, can pair up to 12 OAD feeders simultaneously

·       Recharge your feeder's One And Done battery every 3-4 month for maximum performance

·       Low current draw of only 7 milliamps in standby mode, can turn off receiver to save battery power

One And Done Pro Remote Control

SKU: G39E00
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